Passion for Quality

Bengard’s passion for quality starts with the selection of our produce, focusing on specialty fruit, and new emerging varieties.

Much of this specialty fruit falls into niche markets, so finding the right product for customers is highly regarded by the Bengard team. Once we can ensure we are bringing the right product for our customers, we have our in-house QC (Quality Control) team rank and grade the fruit. Chilean graduate interns are the backbone of our QC team and bringing these interns to the U.S office has shown great benefits. It has created a mutual exchange of fruit expertise and knowledge, as well as, brought immeasurable talent to Bengard. Former members of the QC team often find themselves in export company positions, using the knowledge learned at Bengard to send more uniform, high-quality fruit to the US market for everyone.

Our fruit quality success would not be possible if not for the relationships built with the young graduate interns that serve as our QC team and the later return of their knowledge to the production side. Our QC ranking system does the most to make certain only the best possible product reaches the hands of the final customer by ranking based on quality, flavor scales, and pack dates. It is this passion for quality which allows Bengard to stand out amongst the competition.